The Foundation for the Deaf was established with the following objectives:

  1. To support and promote education for the deaf regardless of gender, nationality and religion;
  2. To collaborate with institutes of teacher training for the deaf;
  3. To promote study on auditory system diseases and rehabilitation for the deaf;
  4. To disseminate information concerning deafness, deaf  and  hard  of  hearing persons;
  5. To encourage appropriate job placement for the deaf;
  6. To collaborate with other organizations aiming to help the deaf; To be free of all political aims and influences



Foundation  for  the  Deaf  is  the  main  nonprofit able  organization  that  promotes  human  rights  and  supports  Education  and  Quality  of  Life  of  Deaf  persons  in  Thailand.



A  well  coordinated  array  and  organized  services  and  supported  to  enhance  existing  family  schools  and  community  resources  across  the  nation  ensuring  deaf  and  hard  of  hearing  persons  can  maximize  their  potential  and  became  fully  participating  citizen  in  our  country.


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